Bill Burr’s Scientology Acting class experience

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Please don’t troll the Beverly Hills Playhouse. It was bought by somebody else along time ago and it is not Scientology anymore.

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Bill Burr explains EXACTLY what my experience was in the Beverly Hills Playhouse Scientology acting class. With a few minor differences. The only differences are, by the time I went there instead of asking the students what “news” they had for the week…they used the term “epic wins.” Which is a Scientology term. So basically before class started our ethics officer… (yes we had an ethic officer wtf😳), she would jump on stage and say with a very excited voice, “Who here wants to share their epic win for the week!” Students would eagerly raise their hands and our ethic officer would call on them one by one. The student would quickly jump on the stage to tell their epic win/ good news for the week. Then exactly like what Bill said, the whole class stood screaming, cheering and applauding for an awkwardly long time like someone cured cancer. I was just a teenager at this time. I will never forget how scared and confused I was with the continuous roar of the class each time they jumped out of their seat to applaud. I remember looking around the room at the students beyond ecstatic level of cheering. I thought to myself….there must be some thing I don’t understand. Maybe this is normal in Los Angeles acting classes. Also another minor difference from when I went there was, students didn’t just tell what jobs they booked like in Bill’s experience. Sometimes people would just tell something silly like , they made 20 extra dollars at work or they lost 5 pounds etc. But still everybody stood and cheered just as crazy. Which made the vibe even more creepy. The last difference with my experience was, I dont believe they allowed auditing when I went. I think when I went it was more strict and even more culty. But just like Bills experience they did say we have a new student in the class and called me up to the front. I was embarrassed and terrified. They cheered for me just the same as everything else and looking straight ahead.

But the acting part of the class was really great and challenging. They did have celebrity teachers and it was hyped up by celebrities. So I thought it was legit and I stayed for a few years. I never knew I was in Scientology the whole time I was there. Strategically no one ever discussed it. At least not at the level I was at. I was in the advanced class which was one step below the master class with Milton Katselas. Milton was a very high up Scientologist. We were taught we couldn’t talk about anything from the class to anybody. Not even our family members. Sound familiar? This was obviously all by design. I always felt something was very off. But we didn’t have YouTube and people talking out that much about it at that time. My mind definitely started to change while I was in it. After a couple years in my class it was clear I was soon ready to move up to the master class. Milton at this time had already made us go to his Scientology seminars and other events. Though again they weren’t called Scientology seminars. They would be called things like, dreams into action etc. and they would talk about the reactive mind and on and on and on.

Luckily I randomly left the class for unrelated reasons a few months before I would’ve been in Milton’s class. I’m certain I would’ve been in Scientology at that point because I was already brainwashed with all the same ways they thought. As well as I was brainwashed to obey and not question our teachers. Luckily I had a tad left of free thinking in me to keep me away once I got out. But it was extremely confusing and a dark twisted time.

I went on for several years never understanding what that creepy vibe was as Bill puts it. As well as how altered my thinking was. Until one day I stumbled upon an interview with Jason Beghe and Tory Magoo and holy crap,,, MY WORLD CHANGED! No words could express how shocked I was and how all the answers I was confused about started to come to light. Jason Beghe was also in the Beverly hills playhouse. I stayed up all night watching that interview on pins and needles. I went down the rabbit hole for weeks and months. Still to this day I trip out on how they were able to mess with my mind in the tricky way that they did. Very few people I hear ever talks about the Scientology part of the Beverly hills Playhouse. When I heard Bill Barr explain exactly my experience on the first day of class… I was on the floor laughing. It feels so good to know I have at least one witness out there in the world that truly understands that experience. Even though he only had one night there and I had a few years. He absolutely describes the vibe exactly. I hope one day I can reconnect with people that were there at that time. If you happen to have been in the playhouse in the 90s or early 2000s email me. Thanks for listening!

Shout out to Bill Burr
Jason Beghe

Author: We in LA –