Street LA Attacked – his nose broken and more

Hey there. Ever here with “We in LA.” –

A lot went down tonight at La Poupbelle and I mean a lot. I filmed it along with the other protesters. Below is a link to my video. I was there all night so if you have any questions feel free to ask. 

The La Poubelle patrons were extra feisty tonight and getting in our face. LAPD corruption was on fire even more than usual as well. Streets got attacked several times, nose broken etc, as you’ll see on the videos. Sergio was assaulted as well. The lead Detective Alludo (and I’m sure I am spelling this completely wrong,, I’ll have to get you the right spelling tomorrow), was an absolute narcissist arrogant cocky, beyond power tripper douche bag. Who did nothing except kept coming up with strange power trip random rules to get out of writing a report and arresting the attackers. Check out the video.

Timestamp: 2:40:30 into the video is the beginning of StreetsLa (William Gude) encounter with two idiot patrons from La Poopbelle. BTW, these two guys were being sassy and rude throughout the night way before this even happened. But this one guy comes out and starts getting in the face of one of the sweet protesters and Streets and I noticed. Of course Streets is not gonna put up with that. Streets never hit them, even after they attacked him multiple times. Check out the other protesters videos as well as mine for other angles.

One guy got a half an inch away from putting a cigarette out on Streets face. Another protester got a better angle of that. But I got a lot on this video that I think you should see. Such as the moment when the guy broke Streets nose and Streets kept his arms down and I took the shot. They violently hit Streets phone out of his hand several times, shoved him, tried to tackle him. But streets kept his arms down and never did anything except have to restrain one of the attackers cause he wouldn’t stop. But even as he restrained him on the ground he never hit him. It’s all on video.

He took the shots because of course he knows the police will arrest us for anything,, even for defending ourselves. We will still get arrested. So Streets didn’t do anything except get attacked and yet still the police took a waaaaay long time to arrive,, even after one claimed he had a gun and they did not arrest them. One of the guys ran back into La poopbelle and the police went inside and pretended not to see him. They did the same exact thing last week when the guy threw his cigarette on Streets. Last week and tonights attackers were in La Poopbelle (as we have it on video)  but they pretended they didn’t see them. Then the police just hung out on the corner and allowed him to get in an Uber and leave. We had the address of the other guy who broke Streets nose and claimed he had a gun. But when I asked detective Alludo if he’s going to go arrest him at his house,, he basically ignored my question and it was an obvious no. Streets had to go to urgent care. He’s all right but this was next level attacks and corruption.

Sidenote- as Streets was holding down one of the attackers waiting for the police… the attacker said on video…” the police won’t do anything for you, they are on our side.”  🤔hmmm,

Maybe he’s a plant. I don’t know… all I know is that they were purposely sassy and antagonistic coming in and out of La Poopbelle throughout the night. I think they are probably friends with the owner but I can’t say for sure. But it was interesting to hear him say that. Unfortunately they were right, the police didn’t do anything.

We have noticed the owner François and the managers have been doing this thing all week where they try to have different birthday parties held there. They probably give discounted or free drinks and food just to get them in. Can’t say for sure but it’s kind of obvious. Because they’re so slow and suffering for business and the only people they can get in there are the same regulars. Or some random birthday that the managers are inviting people to come to.

I’ve talked to several people that go in there and they say, “We were just invited to a birthday party from the manager or owner and we had no idea this protest was going on.” When I explain to them what’s going on they are very upset and they feel tricked. When they find out that they purposely weren’t informed about this protest and just told there was a birthday party,  it becomes very clear to them and us that François doesn’t even care about her own guests.  To not give them a heads up that they’ll be blasted on social media, putting their jobs and reputation at risk shows how deep her selfish narcissism goes.

Poor Sergio was really mistreated tonight. 

Sergio’s encounter started before Streets on my video. But Sergio got the video of his own assault. I actually didn’t get that on video firsthand. But I did film Sergio’s phone showing his own assault to me and you can see it very well. Also I got the aftermath of the police doing nothing. But please reach out to Sergio or Streets for his assault video to see it better and to hear it.

Sergio was also assaulted and the police did nothing. When protesters yelled at the cops,”this is how you treat a vet”… (because Sergio is a veteran,) The main detective, good old Alludo, turns to Sergio and says “ What branch were you in , Sergio said none of your business and the Alludo laughed and mocked him like he’s lying and he’s not really a vet. Like he had this gotcha moment. I can’t really express to you how low, dirty and slimy this moment was. But you can hear how myself and all the protesters responded… We were livid! This moment was after they wouldn’t arrest the guy who assaulted Sergio and even after they saw the video. They also wouldn’t write up a report. Which is a big violation of the LAPD. 

But this is the LAPD!

I’m sure you already know Danny got arrested after DOA’s swatting. He didn’t do anything wrong and he has it on film. Poor Leah has to go home alone again tonight. Scientology must really put a ton of money in the LAPD’s pockets to make these injustice’s happen.